Air Duct Cleaning Chandler

Pureair-service specializes in indoor air quality.  We developed a thorough 4 step process for cleaning HVAC systems. Our air duct cleaning services thoroughly eliminate dust, mold, and other potentially harmful contaminants from your home.  Most of all our air duct cleaning services provide the Chandler area with fresh, clean indoor air, while saving you money!

air duct chandler

We use a 4×4 HEPA filtration vacuum designed by professional air duct manufacturer, Air-Care. This machine is capable of safely removing large amounts of dust and trapping it in the unit preventing the dust from recirculating in your Chandler home.

The negative pressure method is also used for air duct cleaning.  The deep cleaning (duct brushing) is employed in cases where the ducts have not been cleaned regularly or for an extended period.  A motorized rotating brush scrubs the walls of the ducts when scrubbing is required.