Cleaning Your Air Ducts in the Summer

//Cleaning Your Air Ducts in the Summer

Cleaning Your Air Ducts in the Summer

Keep Your Unit Longer with a Clean HVAC System and Air Ducts

Throughout the years, your duct system becomes grimy as dirt, mold, and particles build up within the ducts and on the air conditioner. When your system and air ducts are dirty, your air conditioner needs to work harder to cool your home.

Without a regular HVAC system and air duct cleaning, your unit could stop working long before its time due to the extra strain it’s endured. On top of your unit failing early, if you didn’t maintain it properly, you could have voided the warranty. You’ll end up having to pay for a new unit yourself. To keep your unit running for many years, regularly cleaning your system and air ducts in the summer is essential.

Cool Your Home Efficiently with a Clean HVAC System and Air Ducts

In addition to keeping the air conditioner running for a long time, you’ll also want your unit to work as optimally as possible. The build-up in your HVAC system and air ducts results in the system running for longer periods of time to cool the home to your desired temperature. You rack up a bigger energy bill when your system has to run longer to cool your house.

Remove Dust and Dirt from Your Home

Dust settles in your air ducts on a regular basis. Improper connections between joints, dirty air filters, and pests all can result in your air ducts accumulating dust and dirt. The result of dirt within the ducts is layers of dirt settling onto your furnishings constantly.

Air duct cleaning by CLEAR Restoration ensures both dirt and pollen are removed by with high-powered, HEPA vacuums. The result is less dust in your home and healthier air.

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