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2 reasons to clean your air ducts if you stay at home during a lock down

Did you know that the air inside your home is polluted up to five times more than the air outside? Some factors can make the indoor air up to 100 times more toxic then the outdoor air.

Changing Ac Air Filter
Changing Ac Air Filter

As you know, lock down can lead to emotional and physical irregularities, therefore addressing the air that we breathe should be a priority for each household. first, check the air quality in your home, then follow this article on how to clean the air inside your home. Lastly, hire a local air duct cleaning company near you to service your system.

What’s in the air

What’s in the air that we breathe? dust, debris and so many other small particles that we breathe into our lungs and bloodstream. These particles can cause asthma or lead to skin and cardio problems.

Improve your inside air quality

Keeping the air inside your home clean is more than just cleaning your aid ducts and air duct system. It’s also about ventilation and scheduled maintenance.

  • Better ventilation – open windows when working with chemicals inside your home
  • Air circulation – turn off the a/c and let fresh air come inside and circulate through the windows.
  • Monthly filter replacement for your A/C units

Recommendations from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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