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Air Duct Cleaning near me

Get your air duct cleaned by a professional team! We come to you and deliver quality air duct cleaning service to your ducts and vents.

Cleaning your ducts can reduce your electric bill while allowing you and your family breathe cleaner, healthier air.


Pure Air Service is a locally owned and operated air duct cleaning company in Scottsdale, AZ, servicing the entire Valley Of the Sun. We offer same day duct service to our local customers in the Phoenix metro.

Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing

We clean your home air ducts by negative air pressure. Your health and well being is very important to us and we do our best while at your home to make sure we remove as much debris as we can from your ducts.

Damaged ducts could lead to weak or no air flow from one or more of your vents. Our technicians can inspect your duct work while at your home and repair or replaced damaged sections to better the airflow.

Dirty coil or blower could short your unit lifecycle. We offer modular service with multiple upgrades available on site. two of these are your ac coil and blower.

Get your Ducts clean today!

Just moved to the area and in need of “air duct cleaning near me” company? Pure Air Service offers local duct cleaning service in your area! Call 623.552.3176 to speak to a service professional. If you are a real estate agent calling for your clients, please let us know – we got great discounts for our realtor friends.

Bad Odor Removal

Rodents like cold dark places and it is not very uncommon to find dead mice inside your ducts. Dead animals generates unique odor and removing the dead animal will usually get rid of the bad scent inside your house.

Our technicians helping customers with more than just duct cleaning, as we offer multiple services:

  • Duct Cleaning
  • Re-Duct
  • Return
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Sanitize
  • Mold Control
  • Negative Air Pressure
duct cleaning service near me scottsdaleduct cleaning service near me scottsdale after
Air Duct Cleaning near me (Before & after pictures)

Dirty filter on a recently purchased property can point to a bigger problem. If your filter is filthy and you think that the previous owner might have been neglecting the property, act now and get your duct clean before you and your family move in.

2 reasons to clean your air ducts if you stay at home during a lock down

Did you know that the air inside your home is polluted up to five times more than the air outside? Some factors can make the indoor air up to 100 times more toxic then the outdoor air.

Changing Ac Air Filter
Changing Ac Air Filter

As you know, lock down can lead to emotional and physical irregularities, therefore addressing the air that we breathe should be a priority for each household. first, check the air quality in your home, then follow this article on how to clean the air inside your home. Lastly, hire a local air duct cleaning company near you to service your system.

What’s in the air

What’s in the air that we breathe? dust, debris and so many other small particles that we breathe into our lungs and bloodstream. These particles can cause asthma or lead to skin and cardio problems.

Improve your inside air quality

Keeping the air inside your home clean is more than just cleaning your aid ducts and air duct system. It’s also about ventilation and scheduled maintenance.

  • Better ventilation – open windows when working with chemicals inside your home
  • Air circulation – turn off the a/c and let fresh air come inside and circulate through the windows.
  • Monthly filter replacement for your A/C units

Recommendations from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

From Luxury to Necessity – Schedule your next Dryer Vent cleaning today!

Process automation occurs when our home appliances are in use. Dishwasher, laundry and your dryer designed to save you time and effort by automating these processes with a push of a button.

Most appliance repair companies that deals with customers complaints about cloths that are not getting dry or extended drying time would refer them to a local dryer vent cleaning company.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Complaints like dryer not drying clothes or dryer taking multiple cycles to dry usually means that you got a clogged dryer vent.

Normal use can potentially clogged your dryer vent with lint and moisture built-up after 5-6 years. Another reason can be a dead animal inside your vent like a small bird or rodent.

Extend your Dryer Life!

Clogged dryer vent can cause your dryer to overheat, creating an actual fire hazard risk for your and your family or shorten your Dryer life.

We service apartment complexes, residential & commercial owners and home warranty. To learn more about our Dryer Vent service click here.

Dryer Vent Cleaning near me

Working with local dryer vent cleaning company can save you time and money. Pure Air Service is that company! A local Dryer Vent Cleaning company based in Scottsdale, AZ – we service the entire Valley of The Sun.

We offer professional Dryer Vent cleaning service in Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Glendale, Ahwatukee, Gold Canyon, Phoenix, North Phoenix, South Phoenix, East & West Valley.

Air Duct Cleaning near me – Chandler, AZ

Many companies promise local air duct cleaning services in your area, but how many of them are real? Names like air duct cleaning chandler, dryer vent cleaning scottsdale and similar abbreviations do not always represents legit business names, but more of a bait to catch customers who search for local services.

Schedule an Appointment

Although it’s a nice shortcut into the heart of advertised media, the concept of picking a catchable searchable phrase as air duct cleaning near me not always recommended as it’s hard to build an established entity or a trendy search phrase like air duct cleaning chandler and similar.

Air Duct Cleaning before and after pics

For Local Air Duct Cleaning Company in Arizona call Pure Air Service

With Pure Air Service you guaranteed to work with local, registered and experienced professional air duct cleaning company in Arizona. Servicing Chandler, AZ, Our team offers best deals for both Dryer Vent and Air Duct Cleaning in Chandler, AZ.

With Pure Air Service, the level of care, backed up with the right price tag, makes you feel safe and comfortable knowing that you’ve hired the best local air duct cleaning company in your area. Instead of dealing with cons who prey on your wallet, hire a real local company and get the job done right at the very first time.

Pure Air Service technicians are highly trained and well experienced with diagnostics and repair or A/C ducts in Chandler, AZ.

I Just had my duct cleaning with this company. Their tech was super nice and professional, arrive right at the time scheduled and did great to my duct. I’m so satisfied and definitely use them again in the future and recommend them to anyone I know who need air duct cleaning. Thank you guys for awesome service!

  • Black dust on furniture
  • Clogged Dryer Vent (Dryer won’t dry cloths)
  • Increase Air-Flow from Vents
  • Coil Cleaning service
  • Clogged Drain Pipe Service
  • Blower Cleaning for better efficiency
  • Free Inspection
  • Post property purchase filter replacement and complete system clean.
  • Real estate agents service with attractive low rates
  • Bad odor removal
  • Damaged ducts repair
  • Mold and Bacteria in ducts
  • Underground return cleaning
  • Re-duct

How to Schedule Air Duct Cleaning Service in Chandler AZ with real local company

Clean & Sanitize your ducts with Arizona best local air duct cleaning company. We invite you to join our loyal and constantly growing circle of customers in Chandler and schedule your next service online.

  • Alamosa Estates, McQueen & Octillo
  • Alma School Place, Santan Fwy & Alma School
  • Andersen Springs, Ray and Dobson
  • Arbor Lane, Alma School & Warner
  • Arden Park, Alma School & Germann
  • Arizona Country, Chandler Blvd & McClintock
  • Arizona Estates, Pecos & Cooper
  • Arizona Impressions, Cooper and Pecos
  • Arizona Reflections, Santan Fwy & McQueen
  • Ashley Park, Alma School & Germann
  • Barrington, Cooper & East Riggs
  • Blakeman Ranch, Frye & Dobson
  • Brenna Park, McClintock & Chandler Blvd
  • Bridgeporte, Elliot & Dobson
  • Brooks Crossing, Warner & Dobson
  • Brooks Ranch, Gilbert & Chandler Heights
  • Caballos Ranchitos, Elliot & Price Fwy
  • Campo Verde, Frye & Alma School
  • Canyon Oaks Estates, Pecos & McQueen
  • Capriana, Ray & Price Fwy
  • Carino Estates, Alma School & Queen Creek
  • Carrillo Ranch, Rural & Chandler Blvd
  • Carrington Place, Santan Fwy & Kyrene
  • Carrizal, Santan & Alma School
  • Castille, Price Fwy & Chandler Blvd
  • Cayley Manor, Price Fwy & Ray
  • Central Ridge Estates, Price Fwy & Ray
  • Chandler Crossing, Ray & 56th St
  • Chandler Heights Estates, McQueen & Chandler Heights Rd.
  • Chandler Ranch, Pecos & Cooper
  • Clearview Manor, Price Fwy & Warner
  • Clemente Ranch, Alma School & Queen Creek
  • College Park, Dobson & Warner
  • Colonia Coronita, Cooper & Chandler Blvd
  • Cooper Commons, Cooper & East Riggs
  • Cooper Corners, Ocotillo & Cooper
  • Copperfield Estates, Ray & McClintock
  • Corona Village, Ray & Rural
  • Cottonwood Ranch, Gilbert & Warner
  • Countryside Estates, Chandler Heights & Cooper
  • Creekwood Ranch, Chandler Heights & Cooper
  • Crescent Village, Frye & Alma School
  • Crestview, Kyrene & Chandler
  • Crystal Cove, Warner & McQueen
  • Darcy Ranch, Ray & Price Fwy
  • Dawn, Ray & Rural
  • Daybreak Vista, Rural & Ray
  • Dobson Crossing, Queen Creek & Price
  • Dobson Place, Cooper & Chandler Blvd
  • Driftwood Ranch, Kyrene & Chandler Blvd
  • Eagle Glen, Germann & Lindsay
  • Elliot Place, Alma School & Elliot
  • Fairfax Park, Frye & Dobson
  • Falcon Estates, Lindsay & West Hunt Hwy
  • Festiva Court, Ray & Arizona Ave
  • Festival, Ray & Alma School, Garages
  • Fieldstone Estates, Hunt & McQueen
  • Fonte Al Sole, McQueen & Hunt Hwy
  • Fox Crossing, Ocotillo & Alma School
  • Fulton Ranch, Ocotillo & Alma School
  • Geneva Estates, Ocotillo & McQueen
  • Germann Country Estates, Germann & Price
  • Gila Springs, Chandler Blvd & Kyrene
  • Glenview Estates, Chandler Blvd & Rural
  • Golden Keys East, Ray & McClintock
  • Grand Reserve, Price Fwy & Chandler Blvd
  • Harmon Ranch, Ray & Rural
  • Hearthstone, Santan Fwy & McClintock
  • Heatherbrook, Price Hwy & Elliot
  • Ironwood Vistas, Chandler Heights & Arizona Ave
  • Ithica Court, Frye & Arizona Ave
  • Kempton Crossing, Cooper & Pecos
  • Kerby Estates, Ocotillio & Arizona Ave
  • Knoell Cedar Ridge, Ocotillo & McQueen
  • Knox Landing, Ray & McQueen
  • Knox Place, Warner & Alma School
  • La Glorieta, Ray & Dobson
  • La Paloma, Germann & McQueen
  • Lagos Vistoso, East Riggs & McQueen
  • Latana Ranch, Ocotillo & McQueen
  • Las Casitas Del Sur, Pecos & McQueen
  • Lexington Place, Chandler Blvd & Cooper
  • Markwood North, Queen Creek & Cooper
  • McQueen Lakes, Chandler Heights & McQueen
  • Mesquite Grove Estates, East Riggs & Gilbert
  • Messina, Santan Fwy & Alma School
  • Mission Park Ranch, Price Fwy & Ray
  • Mission Tierra, Frye & Dobson
  • Mission Valley, Elliot & Alma School
  • Monte Vista, Santan Fwy & Kyrene,
  • Monterey Point, Frye & McQueen
  • Mountainside Ranch, Ray & Price
  • New Horizons, Guadalupe & Country Club
  • Oakwood Hills, Alma School & Chandler Blvd
  • Oakwood Lakes, Chandler Heights & Alma School
  • Ocotillo, Alma School & Ocotillo
  • Ocotillo Lakes, Alma School & Chandler Heights
  • Old Stone Ranch, Ocotillo & Gilbert
  • Park Promenade, Ray & McClintock
  • Paseo Crossing, East Riggs & McQueen
  • Paseo Trail, Queen Creek & Gilbert
  • Pecos Aldea, Pecos & Cooper
  • Pecos Ranch, Santan Fwy & Dobson
  • Pecos Vistas, Santan Fwy & Dobson
  • Pennington Place, Warner & Dobson
  • Pepperwood, McClintock & Chandler Blvd
  • Peterson Farms, Germann & Gilbert, Garages
  • Pinelake Estates, Chandler Heights & Arizona Ave
  • Pineview, Ray & Kyrene
  • Raintree Ranch, Ray & Price
  • Rancho Del Ray, Pecos & Cooper
  • Ray Manor, McQueen & Ray
  • Ray Ranch, Price Fwy & Ray
  • Ray Ranch Estates, Kyrene & Ray
  • Redwood Estates, Ocotillo & Cooper
  • Rialto Hills, Frye & Alma School
  • Riggs Country Estates, East Riggs & Cooper
  • Riggs Ranch, Chandler Heights & Cooper
  • Riggs Ranch Meadows, Chandler Heights & Cooper
  • Rio Del Verde, Pecos & Cooper
  • Rockwood Estates, Chandler Heights & McQueen
  • Ryan Estates, Germann & Alma School
  • Saguaro Canyon, Ocotllo & McQueen
  • San Marcos, Chandler Blvd & Alma School
  • San Marcos Estates, Frye & Alma School
  • Santan Vista, East Riggs & Arizona Ave
  • San Vincente, Warner & McQueen
  • Shadow Ridge, East Riggs & Lindsay
  • Shadow Run, Main & Extension
  • Sienna Heights, Germann & Arizona Ave
  • Silverton Ranch, Santan Fwy & Dobson
  • Springfield, East Riggs & McQueen
  • Springfield Lakes, East Riggs & Gilbert
  • Stellar Airpark, Chandler Blvd & McClintock
  • Stonegate Crossing, Warner & McQueen
  • Sun Groves, East Riggs & Lindsay
  • Sun River, Hunt Hwy & Cooper
  • Sunbird, East Riggs & Cooper
  • Sunrise Meadows Estates, Chandler Heights & Gilbert
  • Sunset Cove, Chandler Blvd & Price Fwy
  • Sunwest Trails, Queen Creek & Cooper
  • Symphony, Frye & Dobson
  • The Provinces, Ray & Cooper
  • The Springs, Chandler Blvd & McQueen
  • The Vineyards, Germann & Dobson
  • Tiburon, Warner & Price Fwy
  • Tradition East, Chandler Blvd & McQueen
  • Trails End Estates, Elliot & Price Fwy
  • Tuscany, Ray & Kyrene
  • Twelve Oaks, Chandler Blvd & McClintock
  • Valencia, Higley & Southern
  • Vasaro, East Riggs & Lindsay
  • Wild Tree, Chandler Blvd & Rural
  • Willis Ranch, Pecos & McQueen
  • Woodglen, Elliot & Dobson

Why you should clean your ducts before buying or selling a house

Like the living creatures, houses also has unique smell. In can be a result of on-going usage of your kitchen, candles, pets, mold, paint or chemicals. For people who wish to sell or buy a house, the source sometimes is not important as much as getting rid of it.

Bad odor in your house can decrease your home value or make you accept a lower offer than you were hoping for.

Many realtors open the windows to let the fresh air in with the light. The air that we breathe is so important, especially during pandemic times. Some of the Pure air benefits at your home are:

  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease.  
  • Clean Air Offers Anti-Aging Benefits.
  • Better Home Workouts.  
  • Lower Risk of Diabetes.  
  • Improved Cognitive Health.
  • Increased Happiness.

By cleaning your duct you will remove accumulated dust, debris and cobwebs, contaminates following construction/ renovation, animal infestations and odor. In addition, cleaning your ducts will increase your system efficiency and provide cleaner better air for you and your family.

Best Local Air Duct Cleaning Near Me
Pure Air inside your home

Get Air Duct Cleaning for your client

Post purchase handyman services such garage door repair, locksmith, etc. are often not that expensive and to find a good one you’ll have to go through a few.

Alex came on time and did a solid job on our ducts. He is exceptionally honest with great communication skills. he works efficiently and is very clean. We will definitively use him in the future and highly recommend his services to anyone.

Dana & Anjay Samusz (Gold Canyon, AZ)

Most buyers/ sellers will look up to you, the realtor, for a solution. Pure Air Service is the answer to the “Do you know of any good duct cleaning company?” question. The alternative? search online for air duct cleaning near me and hope that the company is not only close, but also reputable, affordable and professional. We offer real deals for realtors who wish to provide affordable cleaning services to their clients by setting up unique pricing for realtors that wishes to work with local air duct cleaning company in Phoenix.

Breathe Clean Air

In days of pandemic, face masks and ventilators, we now re-learn the value of clean, fresh air. What was once obvious has became a sweet memory. But the qualities of clean air are not only memories. They are, in fact, physical, mental and emotional effects of breathing clean air. From cleaners lungs, through decreased asthma and allergies symptoms, Improved skin appearance, better digestion, psychological and emotional stabilizer, balanced sleep patterns, better mood and of course – the reduce chance of lung, heart and arterial diseases.

Cleaning your ducts as part of any house sell/ buy is very recommended, especially during days of pandemic. Follow you A/C system manufacturer filter replacement and maintenance schedule and schedule professional air duct cleaning service as needed.

Service Area

We profoundly service Phoenix, AZ and its surrounding cities.

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