Day: January 27, 2021

Why you should clean your ducts before buying or selling a house

Like the living creatures, houses also has unique smell. In can be a result of on-going usage of your kitchen, candles, pets, mold, paint or chemicals. For people who wish to sell or buy a house, the source sometimes is not important as much as getting rid of it.

Bad odor in your house can decrease your home value or make you accept a lower offer than you were hoping for.

Many realtors open the windows to let the fresh air in with the light. The air that we breathe is so important, especially during pandemic times. Some of the Pure air benefits at your home are:

  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease.  
  • Clean Air Offers Anti-Aging Benefits.
  • Better Home Workouts.  
  • Lower Risk of Diabetes.  
  • Improved Cognitive Health.
  • Increased Happiness.

By cleaning your duct you will remove accumulated dust, debris and cobwebs, contaminates following construction/ renovation, animal infestations and odor. In addition, cleaning your ducts will increase your system efficiency and provide cleaner better air for you and your family.

Best Local Air Duct Cleaning Near Me
Pure Air inside your home

Get Air Duct Cleaning for your client

Post purchase handyman services such garage door repair, locksmith, etc. are often not that expensive and to find a good one you’ll have to go through a few.

Alex came on time and did a solid job on our ducts. He is exceptionally honest with great communication skills. he works efficiently and is very clean. We will definitively use him in the future and highly recommend his services to anyone.

Dana & Anjay Samusz (Gold Canyon, AZ)

Most buyers/ sellers will look up to you, the realtor, for a solution. Pure Air Service is the answer to the “Do you know of any good duct cleaning company?” question. The alternative? search online for air duct cleaning near me and hope that the company is not only close, but also reputable, affordable and professional. We offer real deals for realtors who wish to provide affordable cleaning services to their clients by setting up unique pricing for realtors that wishes to work with local air duct cleaning company in Phoenix.

Breathe Clean Air

In days of pandemic, face masks and ventilators, we now re-learn the value of clean, fresh air. What was once obvious has became a sweet memory. But the qualities of clean air are not only memories. They are, in fact, physical, mental and emotional effects of breathing clean air. From cleaners lungs, through decreased asthma and allergies symptoms, Improved skin appearance, better digestion, psychological and emotional stabilizer, balanced sleep patterns, better mood and of course – the reduce chance of lung, heart and arterial diseases.

Cleaning your ducts as part of any house sell/ buy is very recommended, especially during days of pandemic. Follow you A/C system manufacturer filter replacement and maintenance schedule and schedule professional air duct cleaning service as needed.

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We profoundly service Phoenix, AZ and its surrounding cities.

air duct cleaning near me
air duct cleaning near me

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