Black dust in your House and what does it mean

Black dust in your house can be found on furniture, fans, rails, stairs, bedding, sinks, plants of appliances.

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Based on previous experience, one woman has suggested that black dust in your house related to carbon monoxide leak. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors works and in case you are not certain, contact your local fire department. This blog does not covers any safety issues and suggest only cleaning options for your ducts.

There could be many reasons for black dust in your house. In fact, black dust may be due to deteriorating duct liner materials in your heater or air conditioner and in some cases cold air returns. It may alternatively be due to soot produced from candles. 

Profesional Cleaning Black Dust After Home Renovation
Black Dust after Home Renovation – Call Pure Air Service

Recently renovated homes with poor ventilation are at risk

According to this website, “Black dust”, or chemical blackening, occurs most often in new or renovated homes. Homes with poor ventilation are particularly at risk. Black dust only occurs during the winter months of December to February.

In experiments in closed research chambers, Mycoteam and NILU demonstrated that under special conditions soot particles (from the use of candles or wood burning) can aggregate to bigger particles of which black dust is mainly composed.

Black Dust In House On Furniture

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