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Air Duct Cleaning

The negative pressure method vacuums debris out of air ducts. The Deep Cleaning (Duct Brushing) is employed in cases where the ducts have not been cleaned regularly or for an extended period. In a moisture-rich environment, loose debris in the ducts mixes with moisture and results in buildup on the walls of the ducts. This buildup hence provides an inviting environment for mildew, mold, and bacteria. A motorized rotating brush scrubs the walls of the ducts in such case where scrubbing is required.



Unlimited vents for a single a/c unit cleaning by negative air pressure



Unlimited vents for a single a/c unit cleaning by negative air pressure

Cold Air Return Cleaning

The cold air return(s) is an integral part of the home ventilation system. It is, therefore, easily identified by its large vent size and proximity to the furnace. Often there is more than one cold air return in a home. The cold air return draws air from the home into the furnace. Unfortunately, it also draws in all the common debris present in homes such as carpet fiber, dust, pet hair, etc. Since the cold air return vent is the gateway to most debris and contaminants, cleaning it is an important part of the air duct cleaning. There are different methods for cleaning air ducts.

Why cleaning your duct is important

Air ducts collect a lot of dust over time. The average six roomed home collects over 40 pounds of dust, allergens, and possible mold in its air ducts each year. Air duct cleaning, therefore, ensures that the air circulating into your home is healthy, safe, and free of pollutants. Living in Arizona puts us on the higher end of that average. Dust storms are also very common here. Consequentially, dust storms increase the amount of dust that gets trapped in your air ducts.

Breathe Easy

Recommended maintenance to improve your unit performance

Duct Repair

Repair & replace leak and damaged air duct vents

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Negative pressure method vacuums loose debris out of the dryer vent. This is done through the connection point between the dryer and the duct.

First, a brush is inserted into the duct via the connection point behind the dryer. Next, the brush loosens the lint from the walls of the duct. Finally, a vacuum removes the loosened lint.

We provide dryer vent cleaning services to customer across the greater Phoenix area including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, and Phoenix.

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Clogged Dryer Vent

Clogged dryer vent can easily become a fire hazard. Lint can build up in the narrow duct and hinder the passage of hot air outwards.

Fire Hazard

Most house fires in the US start from clogged dryer vent

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