How Do Fix a Dryer Vent That Isn’t Working? Dryer Vent Maintenance Solutions (Part 2)

//How Do Fix a Dryer Vent That Isn’t Working? Dryer Vent Maintenance Solutions (Part 2)

How Do Fix a Dryer Vent That Isn’t Working? Dryer Vent Maintenance Solutions (Part 2)

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions

This is part 2 on our post about dryer vents. For a better understanding of what causes this underlying problem with dryer vents please see our earlier post.


Electric Dryer’s

Dryer’s that were manufactured from 2010 and up have thermal fuses in the motherboard that disable the dryer at the expense of a new motherboard.  This requires an appliance repair technician to come out and fix it.  When the dryer builds up to much heat it melts the fuse and shuts down to prevent a fire.  The newer dryer also has a flow sense indicator that lets you know when your dryer duct is restricted.


Gas Dryer’s

Newer gas dryers have a safety shut down features that detect any restriction in the airflow sensor.  Gas dryer’s that are older and run like tanks are the most dangerous of all.  They don’t come equipped with thermal safety fuses or fancy airflow sensors, they will keep trying to dry your clothes till its to late.  A clogged duct that is attached to a gas dryer is extremely dangerous because carbon monoxide is blocked from exhausting outside.  This means carbon monoxide is flowing into your home putting yourself and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless, invisible gas.  When natural gas is combusted it has a byproduct of carbon monoxide that needs to be exhausted through a duct system outside of the livable space.


Electric & Gas Dryer’s

Call a professional air and dryer duct cleaning company to come out to clean and maintain your dryer duct system from the dryer to exhaust vent:

  • If your dryer shuts itself down
  • If your dryer takes more than one cycle to dry an average-sized load
  • If your clothes are not dry and your dryer is too hot to touch
  • If white steam comes out of your dryer when you open the door or lint trap
  • If your dryer smells like its burning
  • If you can see moisture bubbles on the inside of your dryer
  • If your laundry room is humid
  • If your laundry room smells like mildew
  • If your washer, dryer, and area around them have lint built up


Recommended Dryer Vent Maintenance

There is not a good statistic available that suggests when you should have your dryer’s duct system cleaned out. Every home‘s dryer duct is designed differently and every family‘s dryer usage varies.  A good standard is to have it done every 2 to 3 years for good measure.  Some people have it done once per year or even twice per year. Some dryer duct systems were not installed efficiently and are problematic requiring frequent maintenance.  If you don’t remember ever having it done you should schedule a dryer duct cleaning and be ready to be surprised with the amount of lint removed.  If your moving into another home the occupants before you might have never had it cleaned and left the problem behind.  You should develop a routine maintenance interval that best fits your homes dryer usage preventing problems with your dryer and duct system in the future.

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