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Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix, AZ

Should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Yes, it is recommended to have your air ducts cleaned, especially in Phoenix, Arizona.  Dust storms increase the amount of dust that gets trapped in your air ducts.  Living in Arizona puts us on the higher end of the average due to the frequency of dust storms. The average six roomed home collects over 40 pounds of dust, allergens, and possible mold in its air ducts each year.  Air duct cleaning, therefore, ensures that the air circulating into your Phoenix home is healthy, safe, and free of pollutants.

Your Air Ducts

Your air duct system conveys forced heat and cooling into your home.  Any pollutants or debris in your air ducts is also conveyed through forced heat and cooling. When combined with moisture the pollutants and debris can stick to the duct walls and become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other micro-organisms. Furthermore, breathing dust and micro-organism on a regular basis can compromise your health. Cleaning your ducts ensures that the air circulating into your home is healthy, safe, and free of pollutants.

Cold Air Return: What is it, and why it should be cleaned

The cold air return(s) is an integral part of the home ventilation system. The cold air return draws air from the home into the furnace. Unfortunately, it also draws in all the common debris present in homes such as carpet fiber, dust, pet hair, etc. Since the cold air return vent is the gateway to most debris and contaminants, cleaning it is an important part of the air duct cleaning.

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