Pure Air Service AZ



Jonathan L. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Just had a comprehensive cleaning performed by Alex, of Pure Air Services AZ. Alex showed up on time, called ahead, was very friendly and professional, and did a thorough job. As he inspected the duct system in the house, he pointed out problem areas around vent seams and the like, which were contributing to poor indoor air quality. For a reasonable up-charge, Alex performed patch & repair services to correct these issues during the same service call.
He also educated me on options for better air filtration into the HVAC system, as well as on ways to "load balance" the air flow through the ducts in a way that distributes air more effectively to the rooms that need it more (this is a separate service I will likely schedule later on, once I think through where I want the maximal AC or heat flow).
I highly recommend Pure Air Services AZ, and hats off to Alex for doing such a great job. The company also provides, among other things, tile cleaning and laundry dryer vent cleaning services (something that should be done on a regular schedule, to protect appliances and minimize risk of wall fire).
Give Pure Air Services AZ a call today -- clean air and safe venting is a health and safety issue that needs regular attention!