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Scottsdale Tile & Grout Cleaning

We use a 3 step process for tile & grout cleaning.  First, break the bonds between the tile and foreign particles.  Next, remove the dirt and stains.  Lastly, we apply a sealant to prevent future stains.

STEP ONE: Break the Bonds

A chemical solution or blend of chemicals is applied to the soiled tile floor.  The solution loosens dirt and breaks the chemical bonds between the tile and foreign particles.  The chemical solution sits for a few minutes, then an industrial buffing machine buffs the tile.  A rotating flat brush further loosens any ground in dirt or stains. The bristles are safe and effective for use on any type of hard floor surface.

STEP TWO: Remove Dirt and Stains

The next step is to use a Turbo Force machine to rinse and dry the floor. The Turbo Force cleaning tool has three spinning jets.  The jets spray water and chemical solutions at very high pressures to remove stains. The rotating jets bombard the pores of the tiles with steaming water from all directions.  A powerful truck-mounted extractor instantly extracts the water and chemical solutions, leaving stains no time to resettle into the pores of the tile.  This two-step process removes all stains from tile and grout.

tile and grout cleaning
STEP THREE: Prevent Future Stains

A sealer may be applied to the grout and tile surfaces.  The sealing prevents dirt and stains from settling in the pores of the floor. An in-line spray machine applies the sealer directly to the grout. The sealer then dries for 30-60 minutes. The excess is then wiped off of the floor. The sealant protects the grout from absorbing stains for the following 3-5 years. The tile and grout should become cleaner after future cleanings, and spills can be wiped up easier without soaking into the grout. The sealer comes with a 2-3 year warranty (depending on the age and original condition of the tile before cleaning and sealing.)

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