Why Is My Dryer Vent Not Working? (Part 1)

//Why Is My Dryer Vent Not Working? (Part 1)

Why Is My Dryer Vent Not Working? (Part 1)

Problems With Your Dryer Vent​ & What To Do

Have you ever decided to get a new dryer because it just wouldn’t dry your clothes anymore?  Instead of hiring an appliance repair guy you decided that it was old enough to replace it.  Then you thought since your replacing the dryer you might as well get a new matching washer and dryer set only to realize that your new dryer is having the same problem.  After paying an appliance repair guy to come out to diagnose the problem, he tells you to call a company to come and clean out a clogged dryer duct.  Now that you spent $100’s on a new washer and dryer set that’s nice but you didn’t need,  $100’s on an appliance repair technician to correctly diagnose the problem, and then more money to have a professional company come out to thoroughly clean out the complete dryer duct system.  Let’s not forget about the energy dollars that were lost using a dryer that wasn’t running efficiently for a long period of time.  Most importantly the risk you’re putting yourself or your family in of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning due to a clogged dryer duct or vent.

Dryer Vent Saftey

If you find that your dryer is not drying an average load in a complete cycle and you continue to use it you are either neglecting the worsening problem or you have never been informed on dryer safety and maintenance.  All through their is a number of mechanical reasons your dryer may not dry your clothes the number one reason is that the dryer’s lint duct is clogged somewhere in the system.  This clog can be in the lint trap, the duct inside the dryer attached to the lint trap, the connection duct from the dryer to the wall, the wall duct to the outside vent, or it could be clogged at the very top exhaust vent.  A dryer duct can become clogged for other reasons then your average lint builds up.  If the air that is being exhausted by your dryer can’t make it out to the exhaust vent you may have a crushed duct or even a birds nest at the outside vent. Small animals sometimes get trapped and die inside clogging the duct and causing a foul smell.


Dryer Vent Maintenance

Dryer fire safety and maintenance is extremely important, you need to recognize and understand the early warning signs that your dryer may fail and cause a fire or if you’re lucky your clothes will just never get dry. Read more about potential solutions in our next post. 

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